Merida is a “hidden gem,” writes Thrillist. Photo: Getty

Yucatan’s “multi-hued capital,” Merida, “is also Mexico’s unsung cultural jewel,” according to a new post by Thrillist.

The influential travel and entertainment site ranked Mexico’s most underrated destinations in a story headlined “Skip Cabo.”

Fearlessly indulging in what she admitted was a travel-writing cliche, the Thrillest author called Merida one of Mexico’s “hidden gems.” Meagan Drillinger’s article, posted Sunday, called Merida a “shimmering post-colonial metropolis of colorful buildings, art, and archaeological wonder.”

The writer wondered why Merida is overshadowed by other cities, but seemed kind of glad it is.

“It’s almost baffling why Mérida isn’t on more peoples’ radars, but that’s also part of its charm: There’s more for the rest of us.”

Despite glowing articles like these, Airlines Reporting Corporation’s annual top-10 summer travel analysis places Cancun as the top destination for tourists flying from the U.S.

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