Avocado prices rose sharply in Merida this year, part of the reason why the city’s inflation rate was higher than the national average. Photo: Pinterest

Price hikes for avocados, premium gasoline and air transportation led an inflationary five months for Merida.

The price of goods and services up 4.9% from January through May. That is 8 points above the national average.

The federal government indicated that the main increases were in agricultural products, services and fuels.

From January to May, annualized inflation for the city grew by an average of 0.5%. April was the highest, at 5.4%, while the rest of Mexico averaged a 4.31% inflation rate.

February had the least dramatic increase at 4.7 percent.

According to the National Consumer Price Index, inflation in Merida was pinned mainly to the cost of chicken, avocados, tourism services, onions, housing, air transportation, services in food shops and restaurants, refreshments and hotels.

This was offset by declines in electricity prices, as well as in Magna gasoline, tomatoes, LP gas, serrano peppers, bananas, zucchini, lettuce and cabbage, fresh peppers and cucumbers.

In addition, food and beverages increased 4.3%, and household items went up in price by 3.9%.

The consumer price index will continue to rise this year, according to economic forecasts.

Source: Sipse