• A sinkhole appears in the middle of a Garcia Gineres street in Merida. Photo: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — A huge sinkhole formed Tuesday morning on Calle 28 between 29 and 31 in Col. Garcia Gineres.

Police responded after the ground gave way around 6:30 a.m., when the public works and municipal police responded, closing the road to traffic.

Public Works personnel quickly brought in heavy machinery to fill the 8-by-10-meter-wide hole that measured 3 meters / 10 feet deep.

On the site, Alfonso Arjona Santana, deputy director of roads, said the street is being restored. No injuries were reported and no cars were damaged.

This part of the city is apparently over a network of caves that are known to neighbors. A similar road collapse was filled 15 years ago, and a nearby house lost a wall when the ground gave way, neighbors said.

The road may be re-opened to traffic today.

“My grandmother said that García Ginerés was full of caves,” said resident Mariana Zapata. The street never collapsed before, however, she added.

A neighbor who lives a few meters from the site of the incident heard what turned out to be the collapse at about 5 in the morning, more than an hour before sunrise.

Story: Punto Medio


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