Defiant Volaris still charging luggage fees, to appeal fine

Volaris is defending its policy of charging for the first piece of checked luggage. Photo: YouTube
Volaris begins direct flights to Tijuana in November. Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Mexico City — Volaris said it will keep charging for the first checked suitcase on its flights from Mexico to the United States and Canada, despite the fine imposed on Tuesday by Profeco for doing just that.

According to Excelsior, in a statement, the low-cost airline said that “we will continue to charge for the first checked suitcase for customers traveling with luggage.”

He added that “in coordination with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC), we will maintain our adherence to our commercial policy in accordance with the provisions of the International Treaties, as stipulated in the Decree.”

The company justified the action by invoking its business model of charging the lowest price possible, and then adding services according to each passenger’s need.

In the case of domestic flights, the company guaranteed that it will not charge for the first checked suitcase, whose weight should not exceed 25 kilograms, as stipulated by law.

Profeco, the federal consumer protection agency, fined the airline 4.5 million pesos. Volaris declared it will appeal the action.

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