Yucatan Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal meets with Juan Antonio Ferrer, director general of the Health Institute for Wellbeing, about strengthening ties in the fight against coronavirus. Photo: Courtesy

Another 151 cases of coronavirus were detected by health personnel while 30 died from the infection, officials said Friday. While infection levels remain lower than July, fatalities reflecting last month’s surge have rarely been under 30 in August.

Fifty recoveries were also reported, far fewer than normal for most 24-hour periods in Yucatan. Hospitalizations were down by seven as 519 beds were occupied by the most serious of Yucatan’s COVID-19 patients. The other 480 current patients are recovering at home.

Since the crisis began five month ago, 12,440 infections leading to 1,591 deaths have been reported. The pandemic is likely far more extensive than these official numbers suggest.

The deceased included 23 men and seven women ranging in age from 26 to 84.

Of the deaths, 15 were from Mérida, three from Valladolid, two from Kanasín and Umán, and one from Acanceh, Baca, Dzemul, Izamal, Peto, Río Lagartos, Ticul and Tizimín.

Of the new infections, 82 were in Merida, 14 in Valladolid, 10 in Ticul, eight in Tizimín, six in Tekax, two in Chumayel, Kanasín, Muna, Progreso, Temozón and Umán; two from another state or country; and one case in Abalá, Acanceh, Cacalchén, Cuncunul, Dzan, Halachado, Oxkutzcab, Peto, Río Lagartos, Santa Elena, Teabo, Tixméhuac, Tunkás, Tzucacab, Ucú and Yaxkukul.

Yucatan remains in orange under the red-orange-yellow-green “traffic light” system for the next two weeks.

Yucatan Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal met with the director of the Health Institute for Wellbeing (Insabi), Juan Antonio Ferrer Aguilar, with whom he agreed to continue joining efforts to improve hospitals in his state.

Vila Dosal and Ferrer Aguilar held a meeting in which they discussed improving the quality of medical care, especially in the interior of the state.

Also present at the meeting on behalf of Insabi were the head of the national medical coordination, Alejandro Svarch Pérez; as well as the national coordinator of health infrastructure, Carlos Sánch.


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