The federal electric utility, CFE, garners more consumer complaints than any other entity. Photo: File

Merida, Yucatan — The Federal Electricity Commission, or CFE, keeps the consumer complaints bureau busy more than any other organization.

Profeco, the federal consumer protection agency, said 20 percent of complaints filed in Yucatan were against CFE. That’s 3,064 unhappy customers.

Telephone companies are the second-most common targets of aggrieved clients.

Profeco also reported that its Christmas surveillance operation, which began on Dec. 19 and will end Monday, has so far yielded no sanctions. Agents scour markets and business areas to look for business violations that leave customers at a disadvantage.

One common complaint was from clients of car rental companies that overbook their fleet at the Merida International Airport. Travelers are left waiting hours for an available car, despite the fact that they called ahead to reserve one.

Of all the complaints, 96 percent reached a reconciliation.

In Yucatan, consumers are not shy about remanding their rights when they feel cheated by a business or utility, reports Diario de Yucatan.

Profeco is reached at 800-468-8722 or by visiting its Merida office at Calle 49 No. 479-A, between 54 and 56, Centro.