Workers are going door to door, spraying for mosquitos. Many homes are still carelessly allowing breeding areas.
Workers are going door-to-door, spraying for mosquitoes. They report that many homes are still carelessly allowing them to breed by doing nothing to eliminate standing water.

Mérida, Yucatán — Approximately 30 percent of households visited by municipal workers are inadvertently allowing the little buggers to breed, according to Diario de Yucatán.

That means there are still quite a number of families with containers, like pails and pots, holding water in the halls and courtyards of their homes, said municipal health director Antonio Peraza Valdés.

Peraza Valdés stressed that citizens have to eliminate standing water to help reduce the mosquito population.

Still, 200 workers are entering the patios, decks and walkways of private homes to fumigate; they do not enter the interior of a home unless invited. In some cases, owners have barred workers from spraying anything.

The five-day campaign against dengue and chikungunya, the latter of which entered Yucatán only last year, has been extended and will continue until Thursday. Each brigade enters 20-40 houses each day.


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