Fiesta Inn is home to medical personnel in Merida during the coronavirus crisis. Photo: Courtesy

A day after Yucatan’s most discouraging 24 hours in the coronavirus fight, the Yucatan Health Ministry on Friday reported 41 new cases and six deaths.

The number of confirmed cases since the crisis began has reached 1,378, of whom nearly 65% have recovered.

Of the new cases, 20 of them were from Mérida and four from Kanasín. Among them is the state’s youngest COVID-19 patient, just four months old. This is the third baby in Yucatan found with the virus.

Fatalities included a 53-year-old woman and a 78-year-old man from Acanceh, a 54-year-old Progreso woman, a 58-year-old Tetiz woman, a 58-year-old Merida man from Mérida and a 65-year-old Hocabá man from Hocabá.

The Progreso woman and the Merida man, both relatively young, had no pre-existing medical conditions to complicate their recovery.

There are 231 patient with mild symptoms, allowing them to stay home under quarantine, and another 126 are in the hospital, five fewer than 24 hours before.