Daily Archives: July 4, 2019

Merida’s U.S. Consulate marks July 4 with Apollo 11-themed party

"Today we celebrate the 243rd anniversary of the independence of the United States, and as every year, we...

Yucatan inspires a dance-party ‘jungle’ in faraway Queens, N.Y.

A Yucatan-inspired jungle has been built in Queens, N.Y., by a pair of architects who returned from a...

CFE confirms new power plant in Yucatan

Photo: Punto Medio Merida, Yucatan — After continuing problems with the power grid and a surprise promise from...

UNESCO moves to protect vaquita habitat in Gulf of California

A 2018 protest at the Mexican embassy in Washington, D.C., brings attention to the dwindling vaquita population. Photo: Getty

Here’s how to make a phone call in Mexico starting Aug. 3

Photo: Getty In another month, using the phone in Mexico will be a little simpler for everybody.

Yucatan ties series with 4-2 win over Aguascalientes

Photo: Leones Merida, Yucatan — Leo Heras hit a three-run homer, lifting the Leones de Yucatan to a...

Fallen palm creates huge mess in Parque Hidalgo

Strong winds that accompanied Wednesday afternoon's rains took down more large trees across the state.