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Marriage equality defeated by Yucatan lawmakers

In a secret ballot, the plenary of the Yucatan state congress voted against a marriage equality bill that was forwarded by a committee Tuesday.

U.S. returns 2 pre-Hispanic artifacts to Mexico

The FBI presented the pre-Hispanic clay pieces to INAH.

Committee gives green light for marriage equality in Yucatan

PAN remains holdout as measure heads to legislative session

Summer flights between Cancun and San Antonio begin soon

Cancun's international airport. Photo: Getty United Airlines announced Tuesday that a new nonstop route will connect San Antonio...

More students in Merida learn Mandarin as interest in China grows

Learning to speak Mandarin is thought to be the key to success for thousands of students in Merida.

Restoring glass to its original luster after Mexico’s hard water takes its toll

Glass panels take a beating from hard water in Mexico. Photo: Courtesy I don't know about you, but...

Lawmakers gather opinions on same-sex marriage in Yucatan

Activists fight for marriage equality in Yucatan. Photo: Courtesy Merida — An invitation to speak out for or...

Executives confront AMLO over elimination of Mexico Tourism Board

Tourism executives at the national tourism fair faced down the president and minced no words about his dismantling of the Mexico Tourism Board.

No miracles for family broken apart by deportation

Elizabeth Perez and her husband, Marcos, a Mexican national who was in the U.S. illegally, are pictured with their children, Ellie,...

Red-tinted chukum brings contrasts to white, modern home in Merida

Merida, Mexico — A sleek residence by Garrido Lizarraga Arquitectos contrasts clean white with red-hued chukum stucco in...

U.S. college students volunteer for cleanup duty in Itzimná

A dozen college students from Iowa has helped clean up a part of the Itzimna neighborhood. Merida, Yucatan...

Progreso ranks 4th nationally for cruise ships

Cruise ships at Progreso. Photo: Facebook For the third consecutive year, Puerto Progreso remains Mexico's fourth most-visited cruise-ship...

Music Palace abandons free-admission policy, but what you pay depends on who you are

The Palacio de la Música, which has granted the public free admission since it opened last June, now costs 150 pesos to get in.

Blackouts expected to continue in Yucatan and throughout Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsula and other areas of the country will likely continue to suffer "major blackouts" the rest of the year.

Power back after lights go out from Gulf to Cozumel

A power failure hitting all three of the Yucatan Peninsula's states was the most widespread outage in recent memory, making national headlines.

Pedro Tec’s dreamlike photo exhibit heads to U.S.

Pedro Tec's exhibit of Mayan portraits is migrating north of the border.

Tekax tries harder to attract tourists to southern Yucatan

In Yucatan's southern cone, an effort to promote their cultural and natural attractions.

Port officials revives plan to build bridge over Progreso

The director of the Port Administration is dusting off a 20-year-old plan to build a "second floor" over Calle 82.

Fishermen have 2nd job: Collect plastic trash at sea

Grouper season begins with a pact to haul in plastics along with fish.

Airfares to Merida, other cities in Mexico, were fixed, says watchdog agency

Aeroméxico fined 86.2 million pesos for nearly 2 years of apparent price collusion.

Female body builder from Merida vies for ‘Mr. Olympia’ crown

For the third consecutive year, female body builder Eli Fernández has qualified to compete in September's Mr. Olympia contest.

Food for thought before buying a new dining room set

We could up all the hours spent there eating, doing bills and even sleeping.

Haggling discouraged, respect encouraged at artisans’ markets

Artisans offer their wares at a pop-up marketplace in Merida. Photo: Sipse Merida, Yucatan — Haggling over handicrafts...