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Humble plastic is suddenly a high-end option for outdoor furniture

Two years ago, I would not have considered plastic for a high-end home. What changed?

Researchers trace AIDS in Yucatan as far back as 1974

Mexico's first AIDS diagnosis was 36 years ago in Yucatan.

Keep original La Plancha park concept alive

The train shed between Parque La Plancha and the old train station, before renovations began. Photo: Courtesy To...

David Sterling’s final opus is out, and it’s as epic as you’d expect

'Mercados' explores all of Mexico and shares vivid images, enticing recipes

Museum planned on La Plancha baseball diamond, and players are crying foul

The baseball league that plays at La Plancha is protesting plans to have their diamond replaced with a museum.

Pitching duel favors Puebla in series win over Yucatan Leones

Photo: Leones Merida, Yucatan — Jesus Arredondo hit a two-run triple in the fifth inning, and Mauricio Lara...

Coqui Coqui founders convert their Valladolid home into a boutique hotel

After adding boho chic flair across the Yucatan, fashion model Nicolas Malleville and designer Francesca Bonato have left the Peninsula for Bora Bora.

Renowned muralista Juana Alicia in Yucatan: Tear down that wall!

Juana Alicia's huge mural at the art school was covered up a few years after it was revealed. Photo: Courtesy

Puebla trounces Yucatan Leones after some erratic pitching

Photo: Yucatan Leones Merida, Yucatan — Herlis Rodriguez homered and had two hits, driving in two as the...

Vatican sends aid to help migrants in Mexico

Pope Francis donated $500,000 to aid Central American migrants in Mexico.

Street dog gored after tossed into ring with bull in southern Yucatan

A video of a street dog gored by a bull in a lasso tournament in Yucatan has caused outrage on social media.

Sea turtles in Yucatan show signs of a rebound

Years of work appears to be paying off at several beach sites, but most hatchlings face long odds.

CFE substation fire, blown transformer, blamed for 2 blackouts in Merida

A fire and an explosion caused two separate blackouts in Merida on Friday.

Fewer visitors from Mexico are coming to Houston

Houston is losing tourism dollars from Mexico, despite being linked to several cities with direct flights. Photo: Chron.com

How police harassment discourages tourism in Yucatan

When police pull over drivers to collect bribes, the effect is chilling.

Platform makes it easy for travelers to give Maya youth a brighter future

Children enjoy a day at the Na’atik Institute in Quintana Roo. Photo: Courtesy Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q. Roo...

Seguro Popular in Yucatan, other states, yields to emerging federal system

Mexico's Seguro Popular health system will be replaced with a federal system. Photo: Courtesy Seguro Popular, Mexico's public...

Local officials scramble as Progreso tax-incentive program evaporates

Progreso's Special Economic Zone has been canceled by the federal government. Photo: Courtesy Yucatan's business community lamented the...

2 policemen disgraced after targeting foreign motorists for bribes

Two motorcycle cops, who were apparently stopping motorists between Hunucma and Sisal, have been fired and charged with extortion.

See Merida’s evolution since 1984 on a time-lapse video

Imagine if Merida's explosive growth since the 1980s was visible in a time-lapse video. The techs at Google has made it...

Water tanks should be cleaned 2 times a year, says expert

Not maintaining home drinking water storage systems, whether cisterns or water tanks, is a health risk.

Newly found hieroglyphics contain clues to breakdown of Maya civilization

Text written during a period of instability gives an eyewitness account of Maya warfare.

News vendors find their racks gone overnight

Vendors who make their living selling papers to commuters backed up on Avenida García Lavín got a very upsetting news flash this morning.

Flu cases spike across the Yucatan

Yucatan still remains one of the states in Mexico with the lowest incidence of influenza cases.