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Butterflies abound in mountainous Mexican winter habitat

The overall population of monarch butterflies wintering in central Mexico was up 144 percent over the previous year.

At most, only 22 vaquita porpoises remain off Baja

Every night, 22 volunteers search for hidden fishing nets that kill vaquitas.

Parts of Merida’s Centro are 38% foreign owned, says real estate expert

Photo: Courtesy Merida, Yucatan — According to a private real estate consultant, almost 50 percent of housing...

MEL expansion: INAH permit is approved and the pot is growing

The INAH permit is in hand and fundraising efforts have paid off at the Merida English Library

Mexico to ‘speed up’ Mayan Train, despite protests and doubts

Zapatistas have taken anti-Mayan-Train protests to Mexico City. Photo: Getty Mexico is going full-steam ahead with the new...

‘Incredible’ find: A cave filled with relics beneath Chichen Itza

In what the lead archaeologist calls an "incredible" find, researchers have announced the existence of a cave filled with hundreds of artifacts beneath the Chichen Itza ruins.

Friends and family rally for heart attack victim facing huge hospital bills

A GoFundMe page gets him halfway there; artists donate work for fundraiser to raise even more money for an American facing huge medical bills.

Movistar pushes the last of its 2G customers to the 21st century, starting in...

If your smartphone is still on the old 2G network, prepare for a switchover, especially if you're in Merida.

Repairs promised at crumbling, leaking, rusting Lucas de Galvez market

Merida, Yucatan — It's not just that the ceiling fell in on a jewelry repair shop last week....

Maine professor follows his flock to Yucatan for some winter bird watching

A college professor and his wife escaped Maine's polar vortex to meet feathered friends at Rio Lagartos

The secret to saving money and stress furnishing your 2nd home in Mexico

The most convenient way to furnish a home abroad is with a furniture package. Furniture packages are a turn-key approach.

Saying hola and adios in Mexico, and getting it right

Greetings among friends and strangers. Illustration: Getty Sometimes it becomes all blurry when you face cultural situations that...