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Crack in bridge could lead to higher prices in Yucatan

Almost all the merchandise trucked into Yucatan from outside the Peninsula over a single bridge in Campeche. There's a crack in that bridge, which will be closed for a year while it's fixed.

Cancun, and a rebound in Puerto Rico, lead airport growth in Latin America

Mayan Train terminal will be built at Cancun airport.

Mexico ponders how to get banks to ease up on high fees

International banks in Mexico typically earn about one-third of local revenue from fees and commissions, according to Condusef,

Mexico’s 6th fastest-growing real estate market is Yucatan

In the last eight years, Yucatan state's real estate growth has averaged 2.5 percent annually.

DHL expands medical delivery service in Mexico

The service, which DHL launched in Mexico in July 2018, facilitates the delivery of Mexico-based patient samples to U.S. central labs in fewer than 24 hours.

Walmart strike looms across Mexico

Workers demand raises and sales commissions; no counter offer yet.

Noise laws by next week, says Merida mayor, echoing familiar promise

Long-promised noise regulations are coming to the Centro Historico next week, said Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

Pitcher from Yucatan looks to break new ground in the Majors

Eduardo Vera already has rock-star status in Merida, and shows plenty of promise during Spring Training.

Tulum stopped being a media darling, and maybe that’s a good thing

If travelers back off for a time, new regulations will give the fragile resort time to reset.

Should Americans move abroad for health care?

It may not be the main reason people move abroad, but reduced medical expenses are a big reason expats from the U.S. are rising in number

NY Times revisits Merida, a work in progress

Why Yucatan's capital is seen as more than a place to retire

AMLO vows to restore rice production in Campeche

Supporters give Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador two geese as a gesture of their esteem. Photo: Twitter

Cancun tourism drops for the 1st time in 7 years

Alarming headlines increase as travel promotion declines.

Understanding social class and hierarchy in Mexico

An expat from Europe figures out class distinctions in Mexico

5 questions for Hélène Demé Elzévir, star of ¡De Pelos! and confirmed globetrotter

While French expat Hélène Demé Elzévir prepares for her one-woman show at the Olimpo, the comic actress was nice enough to take some time to satisfy our curiosity.

Praise and backlash for indigenous actress Yalitza Aparicio

As Oscar night approaches, the 'Roma' star is dressed by Yucatecan designer David Salomón.

Choose your sofa first, and the rest of the decisions will follow

Don't be daunted when decorating your home in Mexico

Merida points the way to alternative theaters

The municipal cultural department has been installing directional signs pointing to places such as Red Alterna.

Yucatan stalls on legalizing gay marriage

So far, Yucatan is the only Mexican state in the Peninsula that has not approved marriage between people of the same sex.

Merida surveys old buildings, hoping to avoid tragedy like Progreso’s

Merida's historic center contains about 20,000 properties with historical value, of which between 3,000-4,000 are ruins. About a third are beyond...

Mayan language could disappear in 30 years, researcher warns

One in three Yucatecans — about 575,700 people — speak Mayan. But Yucatan's mother tongue is not often enough handed down to the next generation.

In 1 week, 2 dozen cases of Chagas found in Yucatan

'Kissing bug' cases spike without warning

Nobel laureate world peace summit in Merida this fall

Global forum chose Merida despite competing bids from larger cities

Famous artist’s mural remains buried at Yucatan art school

The mural space belongs to all students, ESAY leader says; others feel an important mural is being suppressed