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Progreso exports rise over 50%, but are dwarfed by imports

Exports have risen over 50 percent in Progreso. Ships at Progreso exported 390,000 tons of cargo...

Virgin jungle land at Chichen Itza is ready for development

Here is an opportunity to take advantage of the growing demand for agri-tourism and eco-resorts at the most...

Couple’s death while house hunting in Mexico highlights risk to renters

A U.S. couple vacationing in Mexico died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Photo: Courtesy In memory of a U.S....

With Jones’ grand slam, Yucatan wins series with Laguna

Jonathan Jones leads the Leones in a a historic game at Parque Kukulcán Alamo. Merida, Yucatan — Jonathan...

Giving up cattle, Rancho San Manuel is a paradise for Yucatan wildlife

Bird-watchers prepare for a hike at Rancho San Manuel in Yucatan. Photo: Courtesy In a former cattle ranch...

Workers contract rare disease after exploring a cave in Peto

A cave in Peto is closed after workers were sickened there. Photo: Progreso Hoy Peto, Yucatan — Six...

Get a double-scoop of cochinita ice cream in Tizimin

Tizimin is planning its first-ever ice cream festival. Photo: Getty Tizimin's first-ever ice cream fair won't be a...

Valdez gets a no decision after 7 innings of brilliant pitching

Cesar Valdez. Photo: Leones Merida, Yucatan — The Leones' Cesar Valdez pitched brilliantly through seven innings, striking out...

Addressing blackouts, AMLO promises new power plant in Yucatan

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador promised a new power plant "so that there will never be any blackouts" in Yucatan.

Travel magazine nominates Merida as ‘Best City in the World’

Merida is in the running to be crowned "The Best City in the World." Now, all the city needs is the votes.

Negrin, Flores lead Yucatan to 5-1 win over Laguna

Yoanner Negrin. Photo: Leones Merida, Yucatan — Starting the second half of the season with an energy-packed game Friday,...

Heat to rise past 40C / 104F this weekend in Yucatan

Photo: Punto Medio This weekend will go from hot to even hotter, according to Conagua.

Groundbreaking telenovela features a young gay couple, ditching macho stereotypes

Aristoteles (Emilio Osorio) and Cuahutemoc or ‘Temo’ (Joaquin Bondoni) – first appeared on the Mexican soap “Mi Marido Tiene Mas Familia.”...

Guatamala border rattled by Mexico’s armed crackdown

“This industry maintains the tricycles, the raft operators, the taxis, buses, everyone lives off of this. What happens if it’s gone? Forget it. Everyone would be poor.”

Dust clouds from Sahara due in Yucatan by Sunday

The Sahara is sending its annual dusting to the Yucatan on Sunday. All the way...

Solar panels are hot in Merida

The Merida English Library installed solar panels in 2017. Photo: MEL Clean energy consumption is advancing by leaps...

Fiesta de la Música carries on a French tradition in Merida

Electro pop-rock group Fergessen will perform in Merida's music festival. Photo: Courtesy Merida, Yucatan — Thirty-three free concerts,...

AMLO holding rallies Merida and Valladolid on Saturday

When Mexico's president returns to Merida on Saturday, the first order of business will be a 12:30...

Mayan Train prompts new hotel zone in Campeche

Development begins as government approves project in new hotel zone

June hurricanes are rare, but not unheard of, in Yucatan

Although hurricane season technically started June 1, we have not seen a June hurricane in the past several decades.

Solution to Yucatan’s natural gas shortage remains unclear

Authorities this week are seeking to quell concerns of impending blackouts in Yucatan because of fuel scarcity.

Merida city council passes noise regulations with fines reaching 2 million pesos

Merida's Centro Historico has gotten noisier in recent years as nightclubs have moved in. Photo: La Jornada Maya

Mayan Train revision goes ahead, cutting Valladolid-Cancun link

5.5 billion pesos are saved by cutting the 55-kilometer route between Valladolid and Cancun. Map: Adapted from Fonatur

State of emergency called off, power goes out anyway

Cenace issues a followup statement saying the state of operational emergency had "no foundation."