Via Montejo

Mérida, Yucatán — The Via Montejo complex just south of the northernmost point of the Periférico is taking shape, and almost 300 units in two residential towers have been sold out since late last year.

The retail portion of the development, called The Harbor, will have Gran Chapur as an anchor store. Media reports early on hinted that the anchor could have been Mérida’s first Palacio de Hierro department store, but no mention of any such deal has been made in the developer’s publicity campaign.

Via Montejo is on track, developers say.

The mall is due to open in March 2018, and will rival not only Liverpool’s Galeria mall down the road, but another new retail complex, La Isla at Cabo Norte, a 10-minute drive north of the Periférico. That complex, which will bring a second Liverpool department store into Mérida’s retail mix, is due to open by the end of the year.

No announcement has been made if Liverpool’s owners intend to keep both branches operating.

Both complexes claim to be southeast Mexico’s largest luxury retail mall.

Other name brands that will be at The Harbor are Cinépolis, with 12 screening rooms, four of them at VIP level and one “macro pantalla,” a giant screen. Forever 21, Steve Madden and the tennis shop Le Coq Sportif are also promised. Underneath are two parking levels, which have already been built. The mall’s foundation will be laid in August.

The entire complex of condos, offices, shops and its artificial lakes will unfold gradually over a 10-year plan.

They will also reforest the area with 500 large trees and 80,000 ornate plants.

With information from Diario de Yucatán